IT Managed Services

Proactive, outsourced IT services with no hidden costs and a solid business case

Managed IT Services that help you realise your organisations goals

At Blue Orbit we build IT services around the goals of your organisation.

Total support will take away the distraction IT can cause your organisation. We deliver you a complete outsourced IT department allowing you the time to do what you do best.

We’ll take full responsibility for your technology by monitor and maintain, keeping it stable and secure, resolving your user’s IT issues, working with all 3rd parties and developing a long term IT strategy for your organisation. 

Our Managed IT services is a proactive IT service with no hidden costs. We provide you will all the support you need for a flat monthly fee. Our objective is to keep your IT running smoothly, reduce risk to your business and ensure your technology plan is aligned with your organisations goals  

Start With a Free IT Health Check

Comprehensive IT audit carried out by senior network specialists that provides;

A list of key risk areas which have the potential to cause system wide downtime.
General security review – including endpoint security, anti-malware, perimeter firewall protection, scan of external ports, passwords, admin rights, and availability of information security policies.
A review of disaster recovery & business continuity plan.
Hardware and inventory review.
A review of system performance - including a review of the system as a whole, to identify areas which may be limiting performance.
Security updates & patch audit.

Proactive IT Support

We don’t sit around waiting for IT problems to occur. We proactively monitor and manage your IT environment to ensure potential issues are detected before they negatively impact your organization.

Unlimited IT Support

Predictable, fixed fee costs for unlimited IT support with no hidden surprises. No additional call out fees or unexpected charges. Direct access to highly experienced technicians

Managed IT Security

Proactive management of all your security solutions including but not limited to; Patch management, endpoint security updates, 3rd party software updates, gateway security and unified threat management devices

Client Portal

We provide complete transparency over all support request and project tasks. Stay updated with the latest updates by on time

Rapid Response Times

You can’t afford to wait around for critical or important IT issues to be resolved. We don’t use call handlers! We provide rapid response to IT problems from experienced IT technicians.


Regular detailed reporting that provides valuable insight in to the state of your IT environment and assets.License information and detailed asset tracking reporting

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